Is available only for 1.10 final version

Three unique campaigns that each has its own story and uniqueness; this will give you 15 chapters. There are completely new levels added and some areas will be very rare and hard to find.

Completely new skill system based on Earthdawn RPG skill system.

Each chapter will contain a lot of new monsters.

New variations of monsters: New monster classes, monster abilities, skills and equipments are added for the monsters.

New sub quest system: You will be able to get new quests that are additional to the main quests, these quests are designed for your class and you will get them completely randomly.

Each class has its own Book of Story that keeps important events and current sub quests are stored in this book. The book itself plays an important part in the world of Dark Alliance.

New items: What is a mod without a lot of new items? Dark Alliance is no different and it will offer you a lot of completely new items like base, class, set, crystals, elemental stones, unique,
cursed items, herbs, whishing well, body parts, good & evil items and monster specific items.

New Rune words, craft recipes and monster recipes have been added.

Clue scrolls: Blizzard planned earlier to have clue scrolls that gave you some hints. This clue gives you hints about several things that you don?t found anywhere else in the game. Some clues you find will give you info how you put together the different runes to build a rune word.

Diseases: A disease is something?s really terribly to get. It can lower your resistance, weak your body, drain your life or something?s other horrible as long as your is diseased. They will exist as form of skills or in items and the only way to cure a disease is to use a skill, special potion or wait until the disease has ended.

Balancing: All campaigns are designed to give a challenge game play. Dark Alliance will be a hard word to live in compare to the unmodded Diablo II. You will need to develop completely new strategies to survive.

Hirelings are improved to better fit the new game balance. They will have new body locations like amulet, ring, gloves, belt and boots.

Graphics: There is new graphics specially made for this mod by the Dark Alliance team. Also, many graphics are borrowed from other games and other sources.

Extended storage space: The standard extended stash (this include the extended space that is offered by PlugY), inventory is included. There are also other storage features like bags to store money, gems, and runes.

New drop system: The existing drop system is completely rewritten.

Most of the existing quest rewards is going to be improved. There are even existing random quest rewards.

Skills: All existing skills are changed in some way. The most of the existing skills will probably still be in. But, many new skills will also be added.

Spell scrolls, Spell books: There are scrolls that contain magic and can be used to cast a spell. These are existing in either a single scroll or in a spell book.