Book of Knowledge

Table of Contents
Chapter 1

The Creators
The Story
Concept Arts
General Informations

It all starts with a little boy dreams. One day I want to be the greatest hero of all time. I?m going to slay all the dragons, demons in the world. Jerucan Thae can still hear the boy?s voice in his mind. This voice is actually a whisper from past when he was young with so many dreams. He grew up to be a well known hero so this dream comes true. Still, he has much to accomplish. His best friends still hang around with him on adventures. But, this was something?s that was going to change when they entered the peacefully town Tristram. They thought about to actually make this town to their new home for a long time. They have all been older and with years the tiredness comes. They don?t want to risk so much any longer, like in the past.

They have only been living in Tristram from months then all suddenly changes. Villagers started to disappear and no one had a clue what was going. After a while there got well known that something?s was wrong with the cathedral, so many heroes started to investigate this but no one ever returned.

The life in Tristram got worse and worse. At some point Jerucan and his friend got tired about this. They really liked to live in Tristram. But, they have all got fearsome dreams and something?s in the cathedral where calling for them. They prepared for there adventure. In Catacombs they fought many hard fights and come down to the demon himself. When they where facing Diablo they got really scared, were the demon really killable? At this moment Diablo felt their thoughts. He raised his voice and told them, I could kill you all right now if I want. You are nothing for me, to prove for the heroes that he really means that. He gave Jerucan?s best friend a deadly wound. After that attack the others were like frozen. No one moved for several minutes. Diablo raised his voice once more and the heroes wake up. I can help you and your wounded friend. I can spare your lives if you listened to me carefully. The heroes listened to Diablo and he promised them if they make a dark alliance with him. He would then rescue their friend. Jerucan really loved his best friend so he couldn?t do anything else than accept this dark alliance.

Chapter 1
So, was this sad alliance born and the story begins in a camp of rouges. There are many rumors of what has happened in the Tristram. But, since no one longer visit the town. No real truth about what has happened to it exist either. No one longer knows the path to Tristram.

A trace of darkness
It all begins with a hero who enters the camp of rouges. In this chapter your hero learns what fear is and is also curious about a mystic stranger. Your travel goes through great adventures and you will face the evil.

The story of a mystic stranger
The lives in Rouge Encampment got one day a drastic change when a mystic stranger entered the camp. He was asking for the way to Lut Gholein. The rogues have always been helpful to strangers. So, a group of rogues offered to help the strangers to found the way to Lut Gholein. The group lead by the rouges hero Blood Raven followed the stranger. Times goes and Blood Raven and the other rouges never returned. Later there was rumor about that Blood Raven has gone mad.

The mad Blood Raven
After Blood Raven got mad she moved to Buried Ground and makes her a new home to rule other. There is always a strange darkness other at this place. She has corrupted many of her old friends to pass to the other side. One of hers most successfully corruption is living in the old tower. A former hero known as the countess is living in the darkness.

The dark cloud
Since the stranger leaved the camp. There have been many rumors about him. Some says that everywhere he walks. He always leaves a trace of darkness after him. He seems always to be heading to the east. The man never shows his face to anyone.

The land around the camp has turned into strange things. The Cold plain has been turned into a frozen land and there has also been seeing snow. There hasn?t been snow in here for a long time.

The cave in Tamoe Highland has turned into a demon cave. There are rumors that a crazy sorceress has summoned these fearsome demons.

Artwork by Selina Fenech. Valley of Paradise
There has always been a rumor of a valley somewhere hidden in the mountains near Tamoe Highlands. There aren?t many that have visit this peacefully place.

The people that live here are farmers and not many have any need for contact with other peoples.

One day all this got change. When a sorceress visits the valley the problems began. The sorceress made him unwelcome at the farmers of several unknown reasons.

The farmers drove him away for the Valley and the sorceress then got mad. There are rumors about that the sorceress opened a gate to hell there demons invade the valley.

The final battle
To help the people in Rouge Encampment to be free from the evil that has been here. They need to fight a final battle against the demon beneath the catacombs. You need to face her in her own crypt. Kill Andariel and the people finally got their peace.

The search for Warriv
After the final fight against the evil demon Andariel it turns out that Warriv is nowhere to see. He is the only one who knows the passage to Lut Gholein. So, the search has begun where he has gone.