Book of Knowledge

Table of Contents
Chapter 1

The Creators
The Story
Concept Arts
General Informations

Chapter I Hirelings: (Click here to get back to previous page)

There are different types of hireling?s available in the first chapter to provide help for the characters. The most common ones are hired from Kashya in the Rogue Encampment. You will not be able to hire from Kashya before you have complete the Blood Raven quest for her.

Rogue Scouts:
{Is the only hireling available in preview version}

The Rogues are specialize in the use of Bows and can be useful for ranged support. Also, the Rogue has several special abilities.

Fire Specialist
Inner Sight
Critical Strike
Fire Arrow
Explosive Arrow

Allowed Equipments:
Armor, Helm, Bow (No player class bows), Amulet, Rings, Belt, Boots, Gloves