Book of Knowledge

Table of Contents
Chapter 1

The Creators
The Story
Concept Arts
General Informations

Chapter I - Npcs: (Click here to get back to previous page)



She has lived here in a long time and has seen how the world has changed around her. She has a great knowledge of magic and makes her own magical potions and herbs. Is also an important person in the main quest.

Sells: Herbs, spell scrolls, magical potions, food, wands and staves.
Healing Mana/Health: She is auto heal you when you talk with her.
Main Quest: The Den of Evil

Celamaeclya Riowien

Is training adepts in Rogue Encampment. You need to visit him if you want to train stats, skills then you are in the first chapter.


She is the encampments smithy and its here you will find anyone who are able to repair your weapons or find good equipments.

Sells: Good quality of weapons, armor, bolts and will also repair your items.
Main Quest: Tools of the Trade

Deckard Cain

He is one of the few survivors from Tristram, but before he got a chance to escape he got trapped. He has a great knowledge of magic and he plays the most important part of any friendly NPC.

Sells: Special magical items.
Identify Items: He will no longer identify items for free. Instead he can identify your magical or rare items for a cost.
Main Quest: The search for Cain.


She is guarding the entrance between Blood More and Cold Plains to warn travelers about the dangers.


He is a quite generous vendor; he likes to makes his customers happy. He doesn?t have the skill like Akara, Charsi or Kaysha. But he has found his own way to make business.

Sells: Basic weapons (less quality) for a low price.
Gambling: You are able to gamble for a random item for a cost. You can even get unique, set items from him in this way.
Rumors: He will give you rumors that can be a help in the first Chapter.


She is part of the group of rogues who lives around here in Rogue Encampment. Some of her former friends have been corrupted by the dark wanderer and her friend Blood Raven plays an important part in the main quest.

Sells: Hirelings (only avaible when you have completed the quest), special made arrows/bolts.
Main Quest: Sister?s Burial Grounds

Warriv is a Caravan Leader and are usually around here in Rogue Encampment. But, he has not seen around here lately and rumors are saying something's bad have happend to him.

Main Quest: Sisters to the Slaughter


Jaruld Dentword

He is a farmer who lives in the Valley of Paradise together with the other farmers. He doesn?t like other people since the crazy sorcerer was here last and destroyed the life for them. You are able to speak with him, but he dislikes you and will not give you a nice answer.